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At N&J Consultation Group, it is our goal to see that everyone has health insurance. We are Licensed in over 30 states. Give us a call so we can start your coverage, today!  

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Individual & Umbrella Policies

Individual Insurance

We are flexible, affordable, and secure. Our full portfolio of plans lets you tailor coverage to YOUR needs. We have several plans to fit your budget and will provide the coverage you are looking for.



Family Insurance

We will work with you so that you and your family can access proper healthcare coverage at an affordable price. Without having to compromise or settle for less! We will always provide the best!



Small Business

Do you own a small business? We have low cost plans that you and your employees can afford. Contact us to see our full array of business plans that provide superior coverage at competitive prices.

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Accidents happen every day and you can’t plan for the unexpected… or can you? You owe it to yourself and your family to have extra protection for your everyday life.  Our agents are standing by ready to assist you.

For more information,

Text: NJCG

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Our Customers

We have had the pleasure of servicing thousands of clients, providing them with alternatives they did not know existed in their health care choices.  Often we receive amazing comments and reviews.  We are truly humbled when our clients consistently send us positive reviews, and recommend us to their family and friends.  Thank you to all our clients who have allowed us to provide them with the best products and service to suit their health care and financial needs!

I moved from PA to FL to start my own business.  I was always used to getting employer coverage when I worked for others.  When I started my own business, I assumed that Obama Care was the only alternative.  N&J showed me every policy available in the state, and guided me to better coverage, and they saved me over $800.00 a month!  I recommend N&J to friends, family, small business owners, and everyone I meet who is in need of Health Insurance!  -Keith G.

I started a new job and my employer had coverage, but it didn’t really suit my needs.  I didn’t want to have less than adequate coverage, so I reached out to N&J.  They were able to provide me with better coverage at a very cost effective price.  It was so much better than my employer’s offering.  If you need health insurance, N&J will show you everything available to you, understand your needs, and create the best health coverage scenario for you.  – Joe H.

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